Make your customer's lives easier with Cardless Loyalty

Cardless Loyalty is an exciting new loyalty solution, developed for the New Zealand retail market and supported locally. It's designed to make loyalty, reward and recognition programs easy, transparent and card less for retailers and customers. With Cardless loyalty, there's no more paper or plastic cards clogging up your wallet and there's no more barcodes or QR codes to scan. Instead, all of the customers loyalty and reward cards are kept in one easy to use app on their smart phone.

How does it work?

When instore, the customer's identity is shared from the mobile app to the store

The store app detects the customer and lets the store know they're inside

The store can stamp and acknowledge when customers are purchasing loyalty products e.g. a flat white

Points are automatically updated on the customers app

How does this work with my existing loyalty programme?

It's easy! We can help migrate your existing customers to CardLess Loyalty for free!

Contact us and find out how can this opportunity help you to grow.

Do you want to know more?

  • We use patent pending wireless technology for effortless customer identification
  • Our flexible data model is capable of defining wide variety of loyalty product offers for Brand chains or small businesses, out of the box in minutes
  • The basic concept seeing what the customer sees will help avoid confusions
  • One touch Customer handling optimized process
  • Have your Customer base at your fingertips
  • Join us and we will migrate from your legacy solution
  • Gain insights about your loyalty program and impove...
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