Help on Store App

We want you to enjoy using our products and be confident while doing it. The topics below will help you to understand and study the functionalities we provide for our Store App.

How to register for using the Shop App?

You can register online for getting Shop App access for your Business. We will need to run some basic checks, configure your Store and products for your loyalty program, and then activate your user account for the store.

What is scanning and what does it do?

We are using patent pending technology to identify customers electronic virtual identity in the physical world. Our app is doing scanning when waiting for the next customer identification. When the customer is intentionally beaming his/her ID the system verifies identity in a secure channel, and the Shop App screen pops up with the user Loyalty card for the specific Store/Chain. When you are on the main screen you can restart scanning by tapping on "CLEAR/SCAN" button. This will bring up the Scanning Screen with always on. You can also escape scanning by tapping on STOP.

How do I search for a customer?

The title bar of the App has a magnifier icon. tapping on that the soft keyboard comes up and you can start enter the email address of the customer you are searching for. It runs an intuitive search and start to return results after the 2nd character entered. When you see the customers email in the search result dropdown, tapping on it will load the customer. This alternative way of identification makes possible finding customer not having the mobile with them. We suggest not allowing Redeem for customers identified by email only since this is not secure. Redeem shall only be allowed with customers identified with beaming id.

How do I Stamp points for the Customer after purchases?

When customer has identified him/herself and the purchase is done, you will need to enter the points you want to stamp for the customer for the specific product. Entering the points can be done using the onscreen keypad numbers. If you made a mistake you can press delete to start over. When you see the required number for points hit STAMP. The system will display STAMPED at the place of the points entered as confirmation for the transaction. By default points is 1, so in case of stamping 1 coffee you just need to hit STAMP after beaming identification and it is all done.

Can I see what the customer sees on Customer App?

Our core concept is what the customer sees the store attendant should also see. So, after identifying the customer you can press Points button what will bring up the same screen what the customer gets on the Customer App for the specific Store/Chain. The look and feel and the display card style and icons should also be the same. Touching the points history will bring up the transactions made by the customer at your Store/Chain, starting with the most recent transaction.

Can I have customers without mobile on the system?

We have a local card functionality on the system, what is replacing the old-school loyalty card box. This is to create continuity for stores already having a loyalty program and want to seamlessly migrate to the CardLess Loyalty solution overnight. You can also create a local card form the main menu "Add Local Card", you can just define the customer name there and add. This is really for supporting those rare customers not having a smartphone. It is important to note that this local card is usable in the specific store only and you can search for them by starting to type the name in the search field.

Can I migrate/merge points?

There can be a tricky scenario when your customer gets a smartphone and registers with CardLess Loyalty, while still having a local card with you. To resolve this problem we created a Change Ownership functionality. The customer will need to beam identity as first step to have the account displayed on the screen, than touching the yellow "Name:" tag on the screen will bring up the Change Ownership screen, showing the migrating TO customer details the customer id and the firstname. You will need to search the local card below that you want to migrate the points from by starting to type in the name. When found just tap on the name, so the FROM ID and name is also populated on the screen. You can confirm the change Ownership migration by pressing the "Migrate Points Between Customers Above" Button.

How can I change between products when stamping points?

As you have the flexibility to define whatever loyalty programs you want on the system you might need to change between products when stamping points. The list of products displayed under your store name on the main screen with yellow letters. you can change between products by touching the displayed product what opens the dropdown. Selecting the required product will display the picked product name in yellow on the main screen ready for Stamping.

How do I manage redeem for a customer?

Redeem is only available for customers reached the redeem limit for any products under your Loyalty program. When the identified customer has anything to redeem, the "REDEEM" button turns green on the main screen. Touching "REDEEM" button will bring up the redeem screen with the list of products available for redeem and how many available for redeem. Selecting the product to redeem will bring up the confirmation screen, where you can adjust the number to be redemed and confirm redeem by pressing "REDEEM" button.