Welcome to CardLess Loyalty

We want you to enjoy using our products and be confident while doing it. The topics below will help you to understand and study the functionalities we provide for our CardLess Loyalty App.

How to register?

You can register after downloading the CardLess Loyalty app. The first screen is the registration when opening the app. The registration process will create your account with CardLess Loyalty where you can collect all your cards. As part of the registration process we do an email verification before you can first log in, so bear with us.

How to log in?

After the successful registration the app moves to the Sign in screen. So, just check your email and follow the account activation instructions and after is done come back to the app and sign in with your credentials given at registration.

My first Store visit

When you log in first time and has not been collected any points yet, a welcome screen will show up for you with a link to this help article. Don't worry since you are already in one of the participating stores while installing the app. So, you can go to checkout and confidently beam your card to the terminal. It will recognize you like a magic and the store attendant can give you the first stamp what will create a virtual loyalty card in your CardLess Loyalty wallet. In just a few moments the card with the points will show up on your screen.

What is Beam Card

You can see a big blue button on the bottom of the main screen "BLUETOOTH BEAM CARD" when you are logged into the CardLess Loyalty app. Taping on this button will send your virtual id to the store checkout on a secure authenticated way. So, the store attendant will know it is you using the service. You do not need to show barcodes or photo id or telling your phone number/name or email address. This secure authentication is happening with a press of a button beaming your id. You do not need to mess around and try to find the barcode card on your app relevant for the store you are in, the CardLess Loyalty app will do it for you. One touch in any participating store and you identified and collecting points.

Can I see my points?

If you already collected points in stores you will see those cards appearing on your main screen in the CardLess Loyalty app. Tapping on the branded store/card will open your point details screen where you see your points. This can show up as a 1 free after 10 purchase kind of card or a point collection card, or actually multiple cards under the same store if they are running multiple loyalty promotions on the same time. The good thing is that you do not need to always look into your points since when you reach a collection milestone and earned some free stuff a prezzy icon will start to show up next to the branded store record on your main screen.

Can I see my transactions?

All your transaction with a store can be seen under "Points History". You can find the link on the points card bottom icons in the middle. The records of your points history will tell you when and where you collected what points or redeemed. This is an easy way to track all your transaction details.

Forgot my password.

If you forgot your password and you are unable to log in, tap on the "Forgot Password?" link on the Sing in app screen. Provide your login email address there to get a reset password email. Follow the instructions in the email to reset your password and log in after the reset is done.

Change my password

You can change your password any time if you are logged into the CardLess Loyalty app. Just tap on the "Change Password" option from the dropdown top menu. You will have to provide your old password here though and new of course. In case the old password is forgotten, the best is to log out and do a forgot my password type password reset.

How do I find participating stores?

The CardLess Loyalty app actually has a intuitive geo search function. You can access this from the "Nearby stores" option from the dropdown top menu. You will see your location as a blue marker and the closest participating stores around you with red markers. Tapping on the markers will show the data card for each store with link to their homepage. You can search around an area by tapping on anywhere on the map and the app will show the stores nearby the marker you placed on the map.